Corporate Finance


V-FINANCE (VedoGreen Finance) is an Independent Advisory firm that supports SMEs and innovative Startups through alternative financing instruments to develop growth projects.  The consolidated relationships with the main international financial market players represent a competitive advantage of our advisory activity.

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Our Services

• Assistance to enterprises in the research for institutional investors
• Evaluation of private companies
• The «Green Economy on Capital Markets» Research Department

• Non Financial Disclosure & ESG Advisory
• Sustainability report
• Investor Engagement

• Verification of the financial structure and feasibility of the business plan
• Verification of Green Bond requirements
• Support for the Green Bond issue process

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Equity Capital Markets

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November 4th, 2019|

Euronext is the leading pan-European stock market and stock exchange in the Eurozone. In addition to the main market, it Euronext Growth, which proposes an alternative path to equity financing.

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Sustainability and ESG

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Track record