Benefit Corporation

V-Finance supports companies in the transformation into a Benefit Corporation and in the preparation of the Annual Impact Report.

Benefit Corporations pursue the purpose of common benefit by operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social goods and activities, entities and associations as well as other stakeholders.

The Benefit Corporation must be managed in such a way as to balance the interest of the shareholders, the pursuit of the common benefit goal and the interests of the various stakeholders. To this end, it is required to appoint an “Impact Manager”, to whom it entrusts functions and tasks aimed at pursuing the aforementioned aims.

The Benefit Corporation is required to produce and publish an annual report on the pursuit of the common benefit, to be attached to the company’s financial statements and including specific objectives, general impact assessment and new objectives.

Why create a Benefit Corporation:

  • Solid and sustainable reputation
  • Greater access to finance and investment
  • Value creation for shareholders and investors
  • Attract and retain talent
  • 50% tax credit on expenses related to the creation of a benefit company


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