V-FINANCE is proposed as the institutional point of reference between the SMEs, Startups and CAPITAL MARKETS.

• In V-Finance are placed qualified skills matured over two decades on finance, governance and stock markets;
• V-Finance has developed an important track record in the field of corporate finance for Italian SMEs.

Main goals:

  • Encouraging the sourcing of financial resources for sustainable societies (through IPO or with the entry of Institutional Funds into the capital)
  • Promoting the commitment on the great opportunities for the country related to the innovation of the green industry and finance
  • Helping SMEs to represent sustainability strategies for improving financial performance.
  • Directly supporting the sourcing of financial resources for sustainable SMEs.

V-Finance is part of the IR Top Consulting Group, a financial boutique specialized in Capital Markets with a focus on SMEs. IR Top Consulting promotes business growth through capital opening pathways (IPO process and financing projects). It has been operating alongside listed companies since 2001 for the implementation and management of relations with the stock market, IR and Governance. The IR Top team consists of professionals with years of experience in the capital market (venture capital and debt capital).