26th June 2014 – Today, CSR Europe held a special meeting for CSR Europe members at Microsoft Innovation Centre in Brussels, with the purpose of reviewing the EU CSR Strategy 2011-2014 and sharing member priorities and expectations for its future direction with a new European Commission.

The strategy incorporated 30 action proposals, including the recently adopted Directive on Non-Financial Information (NFI). As a main CSR stakeholder, the European Commission chose CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 initiative as a key channel for companies and networks to challenge, contribute or lead some of these action proposals.

Now, at a time of change in the European Commission and European Parliament, CSR Europe asked members and stakeholders present how much progress has been achieved and what are the remaining gaps? The outcome of the identification of priority topics today will help shape CSR Europe’s response to the Commission’s consultation on the future of the European Strategy on CSR 2015-2018.

In addition to a focus on future EU CSR strategy, CSR Europe also shared the likely direct and indirect impact of the European Directive (NFI) on member companies. Key stakeholders discussed the next steps towards the implementation of the European Directive to build capacity and a level playing field for enterprises reporting at a national, European and international level.

CSR Europe, together with members and partners WBCSD, GRI, IIRC and SASB will further engage with the EU to ensure that into the future enterprises, investors and governments can reap the benefits of reporting as a means towards enhanced management, integrated performance and trust.

Source: The European Business Network for CSR press release, 26/06/2014