• ANGELANTONI INDUSTRIE – Gianluigi Angelantoni – For «the excellence in CSP»
  • KEDRION – Rodolfo De Dominicis – For «the excellence in biotech»
  • PLASTICA ALFA – Miriam Pace – For «the research and development of innovative plastic materials»


  • BETA RENEWABLES – Guido Ghisolfi – For «the excellence in technological innovation in green chemistry»
  • GRUPPO SAPIO – Alberto Dossi – For «the excellence and innovation in medical and industrial gas sector»
  • LADURNER AMBIENTE – Lukas Ladurner – For «the excellence in waste-to-energy, remediation and water treatment»
  • NOBERASCO – Gabriele Noberasco – For «the continuous research of the highest quality and innovation standards in dry and dried fruit production»
  • VALAGRO – Giuseppe Natale – For «the excellence in scientific research and innovation for the environment»


  • CONVERT ITALIA – Oliviero Armezzani – For «the excellence in energy efficiency and renewables»
  • FERRARI F.LLI LUNELLI – Marcello Lunelli – For «the conversion of all the vineyards to organic cultivation methods»
  • GROM – Guido Martinetti – For «the excellence in the production of artisan ice cream»
  • GUNA – Alessandro Pizzoccaro – For «the continuous innovation in the production and distribution of
    homeopathic medicines»
  • iCASCO – Pietro Valaguzza – For «the contribution to the energy efficiency branch through the efficiency-cloud project»
  • TAZZARI EV – Erik Tazzari – For «the excellence in sustainable mobility»
  • THOLOS – Guerino Loi – For «having been the first mover in the ESCo sector»


  • AMBIENTHESIS – Alberto Azario – For «the excellence in industrial waste treatment»
  • ENERTRONICA – Vito Nardi – For «the international dimension of the energy efficiency projects»
  • FRENDY ENERGY – Rinaldo Denti – For «the excellence in mini-hydro»
  • INIZIATIVE BRESCIANE – Alberto Rizzi – For «the excellence in the development of hydroelectric plants»
  • INNOVATEC – Pietro Colucci – For «the excellence in energy efficiency and smart grids»
  • KI GROUP – Aurelio Matrone – For «the excellence in organic food and biodynamics distribution»
  • TE WIND – Ciro Mongillo – For «the excellence in the mini-wind industry»


  • API – Carlo Brunetti – For «the production of bio-plastics form renewable raw materials»
  • GENELAB – Daniele Pizzichini – As «research company providing technical-scientific services for companies operating in molecular biology»
  • SOLIS – Danilo Di Florio – For «the development of Solis Green Log, the first logistic center for frozen food»
  • TERNA PLUS – Carmine Auletta – For «the excellence in energy corporate venture»


  • ALEXANDER DR. FLEMING – Fabio Pasquali – For «the development of a social healthcare company with an innovative pharmaceutical format»
  • BIANCAMANO – Giovanni Battista Pizzimbone – For «the excellence in applying CSR principles»
  • BIRÒ – Matteo Maestri – Per «the excellence in sustainable mobility»
  • HELIOPOLIS ENERGIA – Paolo Signoretti – For «the excellence in the sustainable development of the territorial system»