Euronext includes 14 Italian companies for a total market capitalization of around 800 Euro million. 7 companies are listed on the Access segment (AZ Leasing, DWC 3.0, Italy Innovazioni, Media Lab, Mediocredito Europ, Semplicemente, Sintesi) and 7 on Euronext Growth, the segment designed to accommodate rapidly growing European companies, scale-up, small-medium size and family companies (Ediliziacrobatica, Media Maker, Methorios Capital, Mybest Group, Safwood, Seif, La Perla Fashion). In particular, on the Growth market, 4 companies were direct listed. 3 carried out the IPO with total capital raising of 28 million euro: in 2018 My Best Group raised  2.5 million euro, in 2019 Media Maker raised 2.5 million euros and the proceeds of La Perla were 23 million euro.