VedoGreen Finance is the independent corporate finance firm of the IR Top Group. VedoGreen Finance’s mission is to innovatively support the long-term growth of small and medium-sized businesses with a sustainable business model through the search of new tools to help them develop their projects.

We offer to listed and private companies, ELITE companies, private equity funds, SPACs and financial institutions our specialized assistance on:

  • IPO Feasibility analysis
  • IPOs for SMEs on AIM Italia
  • Delistings and reverse takeovers
  • Financial and sector investor research
  • Identification of target SMEs
  • Valuation process
  • Production of business plans

Our established relationships with key players in the financial market that are essential in corporate finance processes (Borsa Italiana, Consob, NOMAD, institutional and professional investors) represent the distinctive element of our consulting activities.

We have developed strategic relationships with Institutional and Professional investors in Italy and abroad, gaining a solid track record on companies listed in the MTA-STAR and AIM Italia markets.

Our team is composed of professionals that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance skills.