biancamano-logo– 12.2% Ebitda margin thanks to strategies aimed at improving operating structure efficiency
– On 20 January 2014 signed with Lenders the debt restructuring agreement art.67 LF
– Biancamano has adopted a new internationalisation strategy towards Eastern Europe and North Africa
– Revenues of 36.0 million euro (51.9 million euro at 31.03.2013)
– EBITDA of 4.4 million euro (6.5 million euro at 31.03.2013)
– EBITDA margin 12.2% (12.6% 31.03.2013)
– EBIT of (0.3) million euro (euro 2.6 million at 31.03.2013)
– Net Loss of (1.98) million euro (euro (0.9) million euro at 31.03.2013)
– NFP 140.4 million euro improving compared to 157.7 million euro as of 31.03.2013 (133.0 million at 31.12.2013).


Rozzano (MI), 14 May 2014

The Board of Directors of Biancamano Spa, a company listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana and leading private operator in the Italian Waste Management industry, today approved the consolidated results as at 31 March 2014.

“The results of first quarter 2014 – states Giovanni Battista Pizzimbone, Chairman and CEO of Biancamano Spa – highlight the consolidation of the operating margin equal to 12.2%, an improvement compared to the second quarter 2013 and basically in line with the objectives of the Plan. This consolidation is attributable to the efforts made by management to optimise the Group’s operating management and cut its overall costs. In the first three months of the financial year we witnessed a fall in turnover which, as often described, is linked to failure to take part to tenders in 2013 and in first quarter 2014. However we believe that the intense commercial activity, resumed following the debt restructuring agreement signed with the banks, and the adoption of new internationalisation strategies, aimed at exporting Biancamano’s know-how in the the waste management sector to participate in highly profitable projects, will enable us to recover and maintain the financial-net worth balance and develop, once again, the Group’s core business.”