logo TEGC– Revenues of Euro 67 million, +2.4% compared to December 31, 2012
– EBITDA of Euro 12.4 million, +16% compared to December, 31 2012; Ebitda Margin 18.5% (16.3% as at December, 31 2012)
– EBIT of Euro 5 million (Euro 5.8 million as at December 31, 2012)
– Net income of Euro 6.85 million, unchanged compared to December 31, 2012
– NFP of Euro 135.2 million, Euro 18.2 million of which in short term (Euro 116.3 million as at 30/09/2013, Euro 31.5 million of which in short term)
– Net equity amounted to Euro 54.2 million (Euro 48.8 million as at 31/12/2012)


Terni, 10 March 2014
The Board od Directors of TerniEnergia, a company active in the renewable energy fields, energy efficiency and waste management, listed on Star Segment of Borsa Italiana, approved today the draft financial statements and the consolidated financial statements as at December 31, 2013.

Stefano Neri, President and CEO of TerniEnergia commented as follows:
“During 2013 TerniEnergia achieved fully satisfactory results, demonstrated high reliability and ability to create value even in a period of strong international crisis, in particular in the “core” field of photovoltaic sector. TerniEnergia can be considered a case study, in terms of reliability and stability of the results, thanks to the now proven ability of the Company to respond with extreme speed to the sudden reference frame changes and to market drivers. This dynamic capability can be a strong element of competitive ability in perspective, in a market increasingly characterized by selection processes and consolidation of the major players in the world.
In this sense, the group can already count on the progressive growth of the global activity, thanks to a process of internationalization accomplished with extreme rapidity and readiness, which generated approximately 30% of the total revenues from the activities carried out abroad or for foreign markets. Similarly, the increased activity in the energy efficiency field and environmental sector has also contributed significantly to this year’s results”.